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When Karen, Nick and I first began Save Our Woods way back in Jan 2011 I’m not sure we knew who Oliver Rackham was. We soon learned and it was an honour to receive a message from him offering his support for and wisdom to our campaign. In amongst the scrum and racket of the […]

SUCCESS! Public Forests to be named as exempt in the Infrastructure Bill!


It’s with great joy that we can tell you that Government will produce an amendment that will exempt our Public Forest Estate from the Infrastructure Bill.  In two weeks time, at the third and final reading of the bill in the House of Lords before it goes to the House of Commons, we will see […]

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‘Crystal clear’ commitment from Govt made in new ministerial statement. So lets see it crystal clear in the Infrastructure Bill..


As expected and warned about in my last post Lord Ahmed has published a Ministerial Statement (this is not law, this is just a written statement) that gives Government’s commitments not to transfer any part of our public forests to the Homes and Communities Agency (while the land remains in its ownership – whatever that means?) and they […]

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Over 140, 000 people have signed a 38 Degrees petition to exempt our publicly owned forests from being transferred for development – again.   This should send a message loud and clear to members of the House of Lords who are debating today whether or not to include an exemption for our public forests in the appalling […]

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Lafarge Tarmac withdraws Hopwas Woods from Quarry Plan


Amazing work by the Friends of Hopwas Woods and Save Hopwas Woods and all those who supported them in their campaign to save this precious ancient woodland.  Well done Lafarge Tarmac and we all look forward to hearing how you are going to work with Tamworth to ensure the ongoing protection and management of Hopwas […]

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Parliament’s New Chainsaw – Petition to fight the Infrastructure Bill

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Hands Off Our Forest and SoW have been asked by many, many people to create a petition to help fight the worrying Infrastructure bill. So here it is! Please do have a read, sign and share. Thank you!  Save Our Forests and Public Land, Amend or Scrap the Infrastructure Bill! ‘PARLIAMENT’S NEW CHAINSAW: The Infrastructure Bill poses […]

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Infrastructure Bill debate on Nov 5th – Join activists for day of action!

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  Update from HOOF – www.facebook.com/groups/infrastructurebill We have now heard that Clause 21 of the Infrastructure Bill (re public land transfers) will be debated and voted on in the Lords on NOVEMBER 5. We don’t have long to stop this. We are calling on everyone to lobby Lords to ask them to back the amendment […]

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Save Hopwas Woods by Alvecote Wood owner Sarah Walters


Sarah Walters owns and manages Alvecote in Tamworth with her husband Stephen. This year they won the Royal Forestry Society’s award for Best Small Woodland in England. Today Sarah popped into local Hopwas Wood to photograph the deep beauty of this precious ancient woodland under threat from quarrying.  Please sign this petition started by the Save […]

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Parliament’s New Chainsaw – The Infrastructure Bill


UPDATE: Due to many requests for a petition we have created one which you can find here: SAVE OUR FORESTS & PUBLIC LAND! Amend or Scrap the destructive Infrastructure Bill Please sign and share! Thank you.   Article by Owen Adams of Hands Off Our Forest (HOOF)  DID you know legislation is currently being pushed […]

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Sign our letter! We Urge the European Commission to Drop Plans for EU Legislation on Biodiversity Offsetting


To sign the letter go here and add your name to the form at the bottom of the page: naturenotforsale.org/letter2eu/   Dear European Commissioners, We are a group of concerned organisations and individuals who believe that the legislation on biodiversity offsetting being considered by the European Commission would harm nature and people, and would give power […]

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A Public Forest for All – Prices Start From £600 a Weekend


A Public Forest Estate for the English cannot be allowed! Whilst forestry makes money, this money clearly doesn’t go into the right pockets. photo credit: Hands Off Our Forest  Development in our public forests is about to commence on a large scale. The timing is perfect; just the right amount of time since the successful […]

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“Nice Shelving, Where was it Grown?” – Grown in Britain


 by Pip Howard   Whilst proper protection of the English Public Forest Estate still remains in the doldrums, and will do so until the promised legislation is forthcoming, there has been tremendous progress on peripheral issues. For whatever reason (and most of us have become far too cynical based on experience), the Government simply refused […]

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Stock Wood – An Ancient, Oak Woodland Through the Seasons



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Don’t Frack the Rich – Notes from a Devonian Dumping-Ground


by Peter Howard   The concession by the UK government that fracking for shale gas would only take place in National Parks and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty in the most exceptional circumstances has been seen by some as a cowardly refusal to implement a complete ban in Protected Areas. However, it is more a […]

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Fungi, what would our woods be like without them?


by arborist Antony Croft    Ancient Beech with Aurantiporus fissilis   Fungi, what would our woods be like without them? The simple answer is they would not be there! It is remarkable to a mycologist that this concept is not more widely known or appreciated. Trees and Fungi are linked together at the cellular level, […]

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Forest Vision – Transforming the Forestry Commission


Review by Pip Howard Early into the campaign against the Public Forest Estate sell off plans by the Coalition government, it became clear that many in the media, particularly many newspaper columnists, were drastically out of date with regards their viewpoint on the Forestry Commission, indeed continually around 20 – 30 years out of date. […]

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Why Biodiversity Offsetting is a Flawed Concept


by Hen, SoW Nature not for Sale counter forum, Regents Park Hub, June 2nd 2014 The forum was well attended and each of the eight speakers had fascinating perspectives of biodiversity offsetting and it’s potential impacts on our ecological and cultural communities. I’m going to write about each of the presentations on SoW to give you an insight […]

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Forest Campaigns Network disappointed that Queen’s Speech did not include bill to protect England’s Public Forests


  Members of the Forest Campaigns Network are disappointed and puzzled that the Queen’s Speech did not include a draft Forestry Bill.   The Government has squandered its final opportunity to introduce legislation to give lasting protection to the public woodlands of England, which are enjoyed by 40 million people annually. Our woodlands remain at […]

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Offsetting is a massive threat to wildlife, warn environment groups


Biodiversity offsetting is already being used by developers to justify schemes that will cause irreversible harm to nature, warn over 15 environment groups across the world today (Monday 2 June 2014), ahead of a major biodiversity offsetting conference in London this week. The conference – “To No Net Loss of Biodiversity and Beyond” on 3 […]

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Coalition of grassroots forest campaigners, forest industries and environmental NGOs call for Government to pass law to protect England’s Woodlands


The Forest Campaigns Network, Our Forests and Save Our Woods have joined voices with the Ramblers, Confor, Woodland Trust, The Wildlife Trusts and 38 Degrees to urge David Cameron to include the draft forestry legislation in the Queens speech on June 4th. This coalition of organisations gives voice to hundreds of thousands of people across England […]

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