Deep Sustainability

Two kinds of Growth – The Art of Climbing Trees – Adventure and Manifesto


Henrik G Dahle… Film maker, writer, photographer, ideas person and failed activist and environmentalist, (possibly).

…had the eccentric privilege and opportunity to climb 365 trees in one year, through 11 countries, recording the conversations with 80 or so inspired people perched in the branches and taking thousands of photographs of trees. Each tree was a mini art project in itself, or opportunity to learn from and share with my co-climbers. This was my project ‘UpTrees’.

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A Springtime Adventure in the Woods


The weather this past few days has brought the woodlands alive! Full of bird song and snufflings, bees, butterflies, flowers and bud burst. I’ve been exploring…

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Deep sustainability and the art and politics of forests


Cathy Fitzgerald is a rural-based experimental filmmaker/visual artist with a background in research biology, looking at experimental film & ecology in this age of biospheric crisis. Her writing and films on ‘The ecocidal eye: towards a relational gaze in cinema’ can be seen at:

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