Urban Forest

The Tree in Your Landscape


One mature tree in a city is a full landscape in itself…

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Campaign update from the Tree Savers


from Penny of Tree Savers “..Whitstable protested against Network Rails tree clearance policy – or should I say it’s ‘Scorched earth’ policy..”

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Network Rail is starving the urban and peri urban landscapes of the UK of biodiversity


Network Rail are custodians of the largest green artery to connect our rural and urban landscapes – those few metres of land either side of a rail track our biodiversity depend upon. A charge they do not take proper responsibility for.

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Tell me that I’m not alone? by Jonathan Hazell


Jonathan Hazell is one of the foremost Arboriculturists in the UK and a public face for the industry (You may well recognise him from the Television, recently appearing on the BBC’s One show to talk about Dutch Elm Disease). He is a trustee of the Arboricultural Association.

Here he asks: ‘Tell me that I’m alone in becoming frustrated by bad practice in our everyday environment?’

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Unsolicited Tree Work – The Threat to Trees in the UK


Lara Hurley writes… Fire Blight? Oak Processionary Moth? Dutch Elm Disease? No. It’s rogue traders, who probably pose the widest threat to non woodland trees and the quality of our urban environment today.

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Tree Savers – Save Rail Side Trees!


Network Rail’s national tree clearance programme will destroy an area the size of the Forest of Dean. Tree Savers Whitstable Branch need your help!

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The Great British Elm Experiment – by The Conservation Foundation


The Conservation Foundation tells us about their inspiring work to keep the beautiful Elm tree, almost wiped out by Dutch elm disease, a feature of our landscape

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Flourishing trees, flourishing minds


‘Flourishing trees, flourishing minds: nearby trees may improve mental wellbeing among housing association tenants’ highlights the vital importance of urban trees progressing into solid research the ideals of Ebenezer Howard and others. It is thus an incredibly timely reminder that we cannot afford to ignore our urban trees and their role in human society as a whole.

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A Life in the Canopy by Arborist, Robin Grimes


Robin Grimes is an Arborist, commonly known as a Tree Surgeon. Here Robin gives a succinct insight into his work…

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Using Soft Power to Protect Trees by Christopher Neilan


Chris Neilan is well known for creating the CAVAT system that works out the monetary value of urban trees explains the need to engage communities to protect tree & increase tree planting in their areas…

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Planning and Planting Trees in Urban Communities


George Arkless is the Chair of the Haddonhall TMO, Southwark, London. Here he writes exclusively for SOW about the consequences of poor planning for tree planting, a timely reminder that we should be following the advice of the Tree Council and others advocating ‘The Right Tree in the Right Place’.

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Truro, Arboretum City


Richard Argall is a window cleaner from Truro, Cornwall, with an ambition to plant a tree in every street he has ever worked in! Initially working alone and off his own back, he’s planted & cares for hundreds of trees in Truro.

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