Get Involved

There are a number of different ways you can help to Save Our Woods.

Connect with other people in your area on the Save Our Woods Forum and start your own local campaign.

Check out the Hands Off Our Forest – Save the Forest of Dean website which is packed with information that can help you to get your own local campaign up and running.

1. Spread The Word

It is important that as many people as possible become involved in helping to protect our forests. Speak to family, friends, colleagues, teachers, grandmas, grandads, neighbours about the plans. They can take an active interest too and get involved with the campaign but they can’t unless they know about it!

Getting more people involved is one of the most effective ways to help the campaign.

2. Sign The Petition

Please sign the online petition hosted by 38 Degrees and use every opportunity to encourage your family, friends, colleagues, etc to do so. You can use the button on the right of the page or this link to do so

3. Write To Your MP

You can find out more about your local MPs and contact them directly by visiting:

You can also email your MP directly through:

Once you have found out who your MP is, you can use the information on either website to contact them either by letter, email or telephone. It shouldn’t matter which method you use.

4. Need More Inspiration?

Browse through these articles to get you in the mood for trees!

Lafarge Tarmac withdraws Hopwas Woods from Quarry Plan


Amazing work by the Friends of Hopwas Woods and Save Hopwas Woods and all those who supported them in their campaign to save this precious ancient woodland.  Well done Lafarge Tarmac and we all look forward to hearing how you are going to work with Tamworth to ensure the ongoing protection and management of Hopwas […]

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Save Hopwas Woods by Alvecote Wood owner Sarah Walters


Sarah Walters owns and manages Alvecote in Tamworth with her husband Stephen. This year they won the Royal Forestry Society’s award for Best Small Woodland in England. Today Sarah popped into local Hopwas Wood to photograph the deep beauty of this precious ancient woodland under threat from quarrying.  Please sign this petition started by the Save […]

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A Public Forest for All – Prices Start From £600 a Weekend


A Public Forest Estate for the English cannot be allowed! Whilst forestry makes money, this money clearly doesn’t go into the right pockets. photo credit: Hands Off Our Forest  Development in our public forests is about to commence on a large scale. The timing is perfect; just the right amount of time since the successful […]

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Coalition of grassroots forest campaigners, forest industries and environmental NGOs call for Government to pass law to protect England’s Woodlands


The Forest Campaigns Network, Our Forests and Save Our Woods have joined voices with the Ramblers, Confor, Woodland Trust, The Wildlife Trusts and 38 Degrees to urge David Cameron to include the draft forestry legislation in the Queens speech on June 4th. This coalition of organisations gives voice to hundreds of thousands of people across England […]

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Forest Campaign Groups call for forestry legislation to be in Queens Speech


It may have been quiet on the SoW website recently but plenty has been happening in the forest campaign. Many forest campaign groups have spread the word in their communities and sent letters to the Prime Minister and members of the Cabinet encouraging them to include the proposed new forestry legislation in this June’s Queens […]

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One of Europe’s last Primeval Forests to be logged


One of the great, wild, intact forests of Europe is under threat. A place where lynx, Wolves and Bears still roam.

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Up to 200 acres of woodland and wildlife sites in the
Statutory Forest are to be transfered/sold to the
Forest of Dean District Council (FoDDC) by
the Forestry Commission for current and future
industrial and residential development by the FoDDC.

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A Springtime Adventure in the Woods


The weather this past few days has brought the woodlands alive! Full of bird song and snufflings, bees, butterflies, flowers and bud burst. I’ve been exploring…

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My Favourite Woodland Photos in Celebration of International Day of Forests


I love to take photos, lucky enough for me I get the chance to go out and about and see many beautiful trees. There might be a picture of my goats in there too, it’s not just because I love my goats it’s also because they’re foraging on their favourite tree, willow!

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Today is the FIRST International Day of Forests!


All across the World people are celebrating the first International Day of Forests!

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Tree Love Week – The Tree Love Story


The inspiring Tree Love is coming to an end. Founder Bridget shares a round up of the weeks events…

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Government response to Forest Campaign – it’s a Victory, no doubt about it!


Public Forest Estate – SECURED in public ownership (unclear if in perpetuity), 15% sales – STOPPED, Forestry Commission – given more freedom from Government, Funding – Huge concern, Structure – yet to be decided. Is it just a vote winner or is it actually useful?

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Forestry Commission Forever


Its official. On 31st January 2013 Government confirmed what we all knew and believed: the nationally owned forests of the Forestry Commission are one of the icons of English culture.

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Save Farm Terrace Allotments!

09.01.2013 with public forests, allotments are ‘green spaces’ that are proven to work for both public well being and biodiversity. We must protect our cultural landscape heritage and protect what few allotments we have…

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HOOF chair Rich Daniels said: “The bottom line is the money. Despite the Forestry Commission and the Public Forest Estate providing outstanding value, anything with a cost attached is in serious jeopardy of not being taken forward. If there is a failure of government to safeguard our Forest and its management, we may have to protest all over again!”

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Zac Goldsmith & CRT call for action on all invasive pests & diseases threatening our trees, woods & forests


… calling on the Government to invest more resources in the form of a Tree Protection Task Force, not just for short-term fire-fighting when a pest is already present, but for getting ahead of those posing future threats and developing long-term strategies to build greater resilience into our woods, forests and city tree-scapes

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Forest users tell the government: fund and run our forests properly!


This is what forest users in East Anglia are telling the government – we want our public forests to be run and funded properly so we can all enjoy and benefit from them. Tell them what you think, too!

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The Brockhole Monkey Puzzle – How pure should garden restoration be?


Garden restoration. How far back is it reasonable to go and is the removal of mature, healthy specimen trees justified?

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Danger, Overhead Powerlines


Teresa Treacy, 65, is an inspiring woman who is willing to be imprisoned again if needs be because she believes her land and trees are worth protecting. This is a story worth telling…

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A Stark Warning for us from our Friends in Ireland: Don’t let them sell your harvesting rights!


A stark warning for us in England. While we were fighting to save our public forest estate from sell off, our friends in Ireland were doing the same. Like us, they won the fight to keep their public forests in public ownership. However, they are now faced with the harvesting rights of their public forests being sold off to the highest bidder. Our new Secretary of State, Rt. Hon. Owen Paterson has only weeks ago left his position as Secretary of State for Northern Ireland. I wonder if he picked up any tips from his neighbours in the Republic of Ireland?

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