Sustainable Land Management

Feral – George Monbiot


Ginny Battson explores George Monbiots talk at the Festival of Ideas about rewilding and his new book Feral… elephants on the Epynt…

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Education in Land and Environment is Power – The Horticultural Student


… my knowledge of everything that grows from the ground is my most valuable possession; I can’t believe I went without it before, and every day there are opportunities for me to put this knowledge to use.

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Middle Ground not No Mans Land


There is opportunity offered in the government response and now policy to do so. It is up to the independent campaigners, including ourselves to keep these doors open.

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Terroir (sustainable land management systems) – a way forward for forestry & farming?


More forests can repair the damage done, not least in that most degraded of landscapes of all, the urban landscape. ‘Terroir’, the sense of place we feel when we connect to our landscape, a better way forward?

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