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A Public Forest for All – Prices Start From £600 a Weekend


A Public Forest Estate for the English cannot be allowed! Whilst forestry makes money, this money clearly doesn’t go into the right pockets. photo credit: Hands Off Our Forest  Development in our public forests is about to commence on a large scale. The timing is perfect; just the right amount of time since the successful […]

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Coalition of grassroots forest campaigners, forest industries and environmental NGOs call for Government to pass law to protect England’s Woodlands


The Forest Campaigns Network, Our Forests and Save Our Woods have joined voices with the Ramblers, Confor, Woodland Trust, The Wildlife Trusts and 38 Degrees to urge David Cameron to include the draft forestry legislation in the Queens speech on June 4th. This coalition of organisations gives voice to hundreds of thousands of people across England […]

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Forest Campaign Groups call for forestry legislation to be in Queens Speech


It may have been quiet on the SoW website recently but plenty has been happening in the forest campaign. Many forest campaign groups have spread the word in their communities and sent letters to the Prime Minister and members of the Cabinet encouraging them to include the proposed new forestry legislation in this June’s Queens […]

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Tree Love Week – The Tree Love Story


The inspiring Tree Love is coming to an end. Founder Bridget shares a round up of the weeks events…

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Government response to Forest Campaign – it’s a Victory, no doubt about it!


Public Forest Estate – SECURED in public ownership (unclear if in perpetuity), 15% sales – STOPPED, Forestry Commission – given more freedom from Government, Funding – Huge concern, Structure – yet to be decided. Is it just a vote winner or is it actually useful?

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Zac Goldsmith & CRT call for action on all invasive pests & diseases threatening our trees, woods & forests


… calling on the Government to invest more resources in the form of a Tree Protection Task Force, not just for short-term fire-fighting when a pest is already present, but for getting ahead of those posing future threats and developing long-term strategies to build greater resilience into our woods, forests and city tree-scapes

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The Great British Elm Experiment – by The Conservation Foundation


The Conservation Foundation tells us about their inspiring work to keep the beautiful Elm tree, almost wiped out by Dutch elm disease, a feature of our landscape

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More woodland and more heathland please! by the RSPB


The RSPB adds it’s voice to the Heathland re-creation discussion “we don’t think the decision is heathland or woodland, we want more, better managed and better connected areas of both.”

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A Celebration of Save Our Woods & the Save Our Forests campaign!


A year ago today the Save our Forests campaign forced Government to halt their sham public consultation and instead set up an Independent Panel on Forestry… Hen takes a look back..

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The Octavia Hill Awards from the National Trust & Countryfile


The National Trust and Countryfile are running the Octavia Hill Awards to recognise today’s ‘unsung heroes’ of the environmental movement, who make such a difference to our lives.

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TREES IN MIND – Blarbuie Woodland at Argyll and Bute Hospital


Hugh Fife, of Reforesting Scotland, tells us about inspiring research at Blarbuie Woodlands, into the ways Woodlands impact on our mental health and well-being…

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It’s NATIONAL TREE WEEK! Every Tree Matters!


Find a way to plant a tree this week for National Tree Week! Learn more here: The Tree Council – National Tree Week

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LOSING Forestry Commission Wales!


The Welsh Government is proposing to merge Forestry Commission Wales (FCW) with the Welsh arm of the Environment Agency (EA) and Countryside Council for Wales (CCW). This could lead to asset stripping – A WELSH FOREST SELL OFF!

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The National Planning Policy Framework – what future for wildlife?


Stephen Trotter, Chief Executive of Warwickshire Wildlife Trust, writes in a personal capacity about his concerns about the NPPF and its potential to implement aspirations of the Natural Environment White Paper

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The National Trust – Planning for People


The National Trusts, Ben Cowell, explains exactly why the Trust is fighting so hard to inform the public of potential issues with the NPPF and have the draft changed..

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Hen of Save Our Wood’s response to the Forestry Panel’s ‘Call for Views’


Sunday the 31st of July 2011 saw the deadline for the Forestry Panel’s ‘Call for Views’. Read Hen from SoW’s response & challenge to the Forestry Panel…

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The Woodland Trust response to the Forestry Panels ‘Call for Views’


The Woodland Trusts response to the Forestry Panels Call for Views. Published exclusively on SoW.

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The Ramblers response to the Forestry Panels ‘Call for Views’


The Ramblers response to the Forestry Panels Call for Views. Published exclusively on SoW.

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Our new countdown begins today – SAVE OUR FORESTS!


There are just 31 days left to submit your views to the Forestry Panel on the future direction of England’s forests and woodlands…

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Do YOU Remember the Save Our Forests Campaign?


Was it really very long ago that we were all rallying in our local woods, starting campaigns, tweeting, facebooking and blogging ourselves to exhaustion about the Public Bodies Bill and the Public Forest Sell Off? What’s happening now?

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