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One of Europe’s last Primeval Forests to be logged


One of the great, wild, intact forests of Europe is under threat. A place where lynx, Wolves and Bears still roam.

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My Favourite Woodland Photos in Celebration of International Day of Forests


I love to take photos, lucky enough for me I get the chance to go out and about and see many beautiful trees. There might be a picture of my goats in there too, it’s not just because I love my goats it’s also because they’re foraging on their favourite tree, willow!

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Today is the FIRST International Day of Forests!


All across the World people are celebrating the first International Day of Forests!

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Danger, Overhead Powerlines


Teresa Treacy, 65, is an inspiring woman who is willing to be imprisoned again if needs be because she believes her land and trees are worth protecting. This is a story worth telling…

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A Stark Warning for us from our Friends in Ireland: Don’t let them sell your harvesting rights!


A stark warning for us in England. While we were fighting to save our public forest estate from sell off, our friends in Ireland were doing the same. Like us, they won the fight to keep their public forests in public ownership. However, they are now faced with the harvesting rights of their public forests being sold off to the highest bidder. Our new Secretary of State, Rt. Hon. Owen Paterson has only weeks ago left his position as Secretary of State for Northern Ireland. I wonder if he picked up any tips from his neighbours in the Republic of Ireland?

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Tasmanias forests – Still Wild Still Threatened, by tree activist Miranda Gibson


Miranda Gibson is currently well into her ninth month living on a platform 60m up in a beautiful, old growth eucalyptus tree, within the heart of one of Tasmania’s ancient forests.

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Blue Planet – Environmental and Development Challenges: The imperative to act


A group of the world’s leading scientists and experts in sustainable development today called for urgent changes to policies and institutions to enable humanity to tackle environmental crises and improve human wellbeing.

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The European Tree of the Year


Co-ordinator for both the Czech Tree of the year and the European tree of the year award, Hana Rambouskova Environmentalist with the Czech Environmental Partnership Foundation, writes exclusively for SOW.

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The Tree Year Project 2011


Natalie Raeber is a Swiss blogger and natural history tweeter responsible for The Tree Year Project 2011, an online blog festival encouraging any and everyone to observe a single tree and the changes to it in a year.

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