Woodland Culture

Exmoor Society – Woodland Report Published


The inherent value and huge potential of trees, woods and forests on Exmoor has been revealed in an authoritative report which has just been released by the Silvanus Trust and Laura Jones Associates.

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Chainsaw Training with Phil Dunford


Small woodland owner Sarah Walters of Alvecote Wood shares her experience on Phil Dunford’s chainsaw course.

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Suits don’t have Ears


Segments of a lecture given by Landscape Research Groups’, Prof Peter Howard, touching on incorporating community landscapes into NGO/policy maker plans and biodiversity offsetting.

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How would you go about bringing 10,000 hectares of neglected wood back into management every year ?


Rod Leslie asks the million dollar question.. Whatever the answer, the options should be tested against what is ultimately best for our forests

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The Wood Turner


An evocative film by Elliott Forge. Yurt dweller, Leo Singleton turns a piece of wood into a beautiful bowl using a traditional foot powered lathe

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British Woodlands 2012, Report of Conference on December 11th


British Woodlands 2012 was organised by the Sylva Foundation, and held at the Department of Plant Sciences at the University of Oxford. The aim was to hear voices from owners of small woodlands – the people on the ground who own or manage the smaller woods that form the majority of woodland in England.

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Children and Nature


“letting children enjoy the landscape in their own way can be just as effective as any exciting day out. If we encourage them to love & value their landscape, then hopefully we can not only kindle a lifelong passion but help to shape how the next generation will treat these issues

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Tales from the Wild Wood – BBC FOUR


Tales from the Wild Wood is a new six-part series about British woodlands to be broadcast on BBC4 this autumn. Presented by writer and wannabe woodsman Rob Penn, the series explores the great British love affair with trees.

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A Woodland Culture


As I step off the ride into the coppice I imagine a cowled and tonsured figure beside me. Here in Leigh Woods near Bristol we know from written records that the Monks of Leigh Abbey were managing these woods in just the same way at least 800 years ago.

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The Decline of Traditional Skills and Our English Hedgerows


Both the hedgerow and those that can build, plant and maintain them are in decline. This is in spite of their being quintessential attributes in the English landscape…

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