Our new countdown begins today – SAVE OUR FORESTS!


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There are just 31 days left to submit your views to the Forestry Panel on the future direction of England’s forests and woodlands.

They want to hear what the public thinks about forests and woodlands in England. That’s you, that’s me, it’s the more than half a million people who signed the petition and everybody else besides.

It’s so, so important that you let them know what you feel, think and believe about the future of England’s forests and woodlands. Remember, it is a PUBLIC forestry estate. That means they are ours. But if we don’t act now, we may lose them forever.

We want to help. So you can use this form to respond to them – we hope this will make it much easier.

But don’t worry if you don’t have time now. As long as you’re following us on Twitter: @SaveOurWoods or the#saveourforests hash tag, we’ll send you a reminder each day!


If there is to be an ecologically sound society, it will have to come from the grass roots up, not from the top down.
– Paul Hawken


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Nick DAY March 9, 2012 at 11:08

The small area of mixed woodland at Sutton Heath near Wood bridge which is a rich wildlife habitat in its own right is slowly being destroyed by a combination of the council who own the land and the Professional Conservation Industry including Suffolk wildlife Trust who want to control the land after it is returned to heathland. For nearly 40 years this area has been a haven for local people and has become the single most heavily visited amenity site in this part of Suffolk. All this was arranged between the various agencies without any consultation with local people who are now furious to be losing the woodland. There is a genuine anger at what we perceive as the perfidy of the council who have arranged all this behind our backs and when we have found out about it presented us with a fait accompli. We have already lost unrestricted access to several Commons in this area and are frankly fed up with being pushed off land we have a right to.

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