Stock Wood – An Ancient, Oak Woodland Through the Seasons



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Two kinds of Growth – The Art of Climbing Trees – Adventure and Manifesto


Henrik G Dahle… Film maker, writer, photographer, ideas person and failed activist and environmentalist, (possibly).

…had the eccentric privilege and opportunity to climb 365 trees in one year, through 11 countries, recording the conversations with 80 or so inspired people perched in the branches and taking thousands of photographs of trees. Each tree was a mini art project in itself, or opportunity to learn from and share with my co-climbers. This was my project ‘UpTrees’.

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A Springtime Adventure in the Woods


The weather this past few days has brought the woodlands alive! Full of bird song and snufflings, bees, butterflies, flowers and bud burst. I’ve been exploring…

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Making Connections – A Photography Exhibition in the Woods


Sarah Walters of Alvecote Wood and the Small Woodland Owners Group shares with SoW her breathtaking photography exhibition, held in the most beautiful gallery there is; her woodland, Alvcote Wood

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Why Bees Need Trees


Brigit Strawbridge explains why trees are vital for bees and why bees are vital for us all.

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Network Rail is starving the urban and peri urban landscapes of the UK of biodiversity


Network Rail are custodians of the largest green artery to connect our rural and urban landscapes – those few metres of land either side of a rail track our biodiversity depend upon. A charge they do not take proper responsibility for.

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England’s Woodland Culture: Forestry Panel Report Stakeholder Meeting – 10th July 2012


An historic event that punctuates a pivotal moment in our forests history! The future of our forests and trees has changed forever…

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SoW Response to Independent Forestry Panel Report


“I am convinced that without a living discussion, based on facts about our forests, we will be less able to meet all contrasting goals. I am also convinced that we will never come to a final answer. This is not necessarily a problem since it is the discussion itself that is important.”

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Deep sustainability and the art and politics of forests


Cathy Fitzgerald is a rural-based experimental filmmaker/visual artist with a background in research biology, looking at experimental film & ecology in this age of biospheric crisis. Her writing and films on ‘The ecocidal eye: towards a relational gaze in cinema’ can be seen at:

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Fighting for our woodland heritage


Writer and access hero, Jon Bainbridge writes on access rights to woods and warns that the fight to save our woods has barely begun….

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Truro, Arboretum City


Richard Argall is a window cleaner from Truro, Cornwall, with an ambition to plant a tree in every street he has ever worked in! Initially working alone and off his own back, he’s planted & cares for hundreds of trees in Truro.

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The Tree Year Project 2011


Natalie Raeber is a Swiss blogger and natural history tweeter responsible for The Tree Year Project 2011, an online blog festival encouraging any and everyone to observe a single tree and the changes to it in a year.

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An Appreciation of Trees by Julia Sorrell


An artist, be they a stone waller, thatcher, writer, film director or painter, is someone who is able to either contribute to a landscape or encapsulate an element or a moment within a landscape. Artist Julia Sorrell writes exclusively for SOW…

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The Powerful Link Between Conserving Land and Preserving Human Health


Richard Louv, author of Last Child in the Woods, writes… “Evidence suggests that children & adults benefit so much from contact with nature that land conservation can now be viewed as a public health strategy..”

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Ancient coppiced Oak, a portal to another World… Deep Play


An illustration of how important it is that children have access to natural spaces; the closer to home the better…

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Women, trees and hugging


Trees have made me a better artist and a more conscious person. The more I lean on and learn about them, the more deeply I recognise the absolute bond that trees and humans share..

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What Does Sustainability Mean to Me?


Si Jakeman, a fire fighter from London, shares with us his vision of Deep Sustainability and interconnectedness…

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Wild Space – Hen goes to Forest School


Hen goes to Forest School and learns more than she bargained for… #NPPF #Riots

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The Sounds of the Forests – A cry for help


A cry for help: Protect the destruction of our Urban Forest

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Gill Shares Her Local Woodland Love Affair…


Gill Brown, a voluntary warden for the Woodland Trust, shares her love affair with her local woodland…

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