Grass Roots Engagement



HOOF chair Rich Daniels said: “The bottom line is the money. Despite the Forestry Commission and the Public Forest Estate providing outstanding value, anything with a cost attached is in serious jeopardy of not being taken forward. If there is a failure of government to safeguard our Forest and its management, we may have to protest all over again!”

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Forest users tell the government: fund and run our forests properly!


This is what forest users in East Anglia are telling the government – we want our public forests to be run and funded properly so we can all enjoy and benefit from them. Tell them what you think, too!

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National Forestry Stakeholder Forum – erm.. where is it?


The fight to protect our English forests continues. Somethings not right. Where is the promised National Forestry Stakeholder Forum? Where is the campaign groups hello from the new ministers?

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Forest Campaigns Network (FCN) welcomes engagement for the Future of our Forests


FCN welcomes the engagement we have had with the DEFRA/FC working group to date and look forward to working with them further as part of the crucial process in determining how our woods and forests will sustainably deliver the triple bottom line (good for our economy, good for our communities and good for our environment).

We also look forward to welcoming the new team of environment ministers and extend our best wishes for their work in this important area of public policy.

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Thoughts after the Forest Panel Stakeholder Meeting


Our friendly analyst has shared some thoughts with us following the Forestry Panel’s stakeholder meeting on the 10th July. Particularly focusing on the written ministerial statement from the Secretary of State Caroline Spelman. You can read the ministers’ statement with our comments attached here: Caroline Spelman – Written ministerial statement, Forestry Panel Report – What she really meant

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Network Rail is starving the urban and peri urban landscapes of the UK of biodiversity


Network Rail are custodians of the largest green artery to connect our rural and urban landscapes – those few metres of land either side of a rail track our biodiversity depend upon. A charge they do not take proper responsibility for.

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England’s Woodland Culture: Forestry Panel Report Stakeholder Meeting – 10th July 2012


An historic event that punctuates a pivotal moment in our forests history! The future of our forests and trees has changed forever…

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SoW Response to Independent Forestry Panel Report


“I am convinced that without a living discussion, based on facts about our forests, we will be less able to meet all contrasting goals. I am also convinced that we will never come to a final answer. This is not necessarily a problem since it is the discussion itself that is important.”

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Our Forests initial response to Independent Panel on Forestry’s Final Report


The Bishop’s report – like the Curate’s Egg – very good in parts, with some ‘runny’ bits…

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Meeting of forest campaigners and Lord Taylor, forestry minister – 2 July 2012


Statement from the forest campaign groups that attended a meeting at DEFRA with forest policy makers… or …How the meeting went!

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Forest campaigners to meet minister for forestry policy, Lord Taylor


Tomorrow I join 5 other forest campaigners and head to London to meet with the minister responsible for forest policy in England, Lord Taylor of Holbeach.

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Friends of Thetford Forest ready to fight further threats to our Public Forest Estate


Forestry Panel report to be published on 4th July. Friends of Thetford Forest are ready to oppose any further threats to our forests, with the support of its members and the wider community..

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Women, trees and hugging


Trees have made me a better artist and a more conscious person. The more I lean on and learn about them, the more deeply I recognise the absolute bond that trees and humans share..

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Hen of Save Our Wood’s response to the Forestry Panel’s ‘Call for Views’


Sunday the 31st of July 2011 saw the deadline for the Forestry Panel’s ‘Call for Views’. Read Hen from SoW’s response & challenge to the Forestry Panel…

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Carry on Kielder! The Forestry Panel visits Kielder on Monday


The Forestry Panel visits Kielder Forest on Monday 25th July. Owen Adams Tells us about Carry on Kielder 30p Campaign to keep Kielder forest publicly owned!

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Gill Shares Her Local Woodland Love Affair…


Gill Brown, a voluntary warden for the Woodland Trust, shares her love affair with her local woodland…

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PUBLIC OWNERSHIP: The elephant in the room


Forest of Dean campaigner Owen Adams explores why public ownership of our woodlands and forests matters.

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Celebrate Our Forests – Hens Exmoor Wood Adventure


Hen explores the ancient woodland she manages in Exmoor for Celebrate Our Forests Day

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Do YOU Remember the Save Our Forests Campaign?


Was it really very long ago that we were all rallying in our local woods, starting campaigns, tweeting, facebooking and blogging ourselves to exhaustion about the Public Bodies Bill and the Public Forest Sell Off? What’s happening now?

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Grass Roots Engagement Questions


DEFRA questions for Grass Roots Engagement consultation about England’s Natural Environment for the forthcoming White Paper

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