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We can get are voices heard if we’re quick. We have until 31st January 2011 to get our feedback forms to

Facilitators (that is organisations who have already been asked to respond to the consultation) have been asked by the Government to get answers to a series of questions. The focus seems to be on one area – how you interact with that one area and have you see the management of that area changing for the better.

The types of questions they been given are:

What is it like?
What is there?
What activities do you participate in?
How does it contribute to the local environment?
How is the location managed?
What are the good things about that environment?
What could be better?
Could the area be improved?
What ideas do you have?
What are the barriers to making these improvements?
Who shoulde be responsible for caring for this environment?
Are local people involved?
What (more) could local people or the community do?
What is the role of local government?
What role does central government need to play?
What one thing would make this location better?
What is your one Big Idea about how we protect, manage or enhance our natural environment across England?

It is important we get our feedback forms to with the subject heading GRASS ROOTS ENGAGEMENT by 31st January 2011.

But DO NOT BE DISTRACTED from getting in touch with your member of the House of Lords and asking them to vote against Public Bodies Bill Clauses 17 and 18 or our information could mean nothing in the grand scheme of things.

The Public Bodies Bill will effectively allow the Government to sell ALL our forests, no matter what we want.

Join the discussion over at the Forum and see what others are saying about the Grass Roots Engagement.

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