Natural Environment White Paper

Who will fight for nature in future?


Independence of the charitable sector is under threat, so who IS going to fight for nature? Asks Sarah Walters of Alvecote Wood

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SoW Response to Independent Forestry Panel Report


“I am convinced that without a living discussion, based on facts about our forests, we will be less able to meet all contrasting goals. I am also convinced that we will never come to a final answer. This is not necessarily a problem since it is the discussion itself that is important.”

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The National Planning Policy Framework – what future for wildlife?


Stephen Trotter, Chief Executive of Warwickshire Wildlife Trust, writes in a personal capacity about his concerns about the NPPF and its potential to implement aspirations of the Natural Environment White Paper

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What does the NPPF mean for small woodland owners?


Draft National Planning Policy Framework. What does it mean for small woodland owners and how you can respond to the consultation

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A Participative Landscape Contract: lessons for the Forestry Panel from Europe


Alex Lockwood explores our connection to our landscape as a whole and discusses the values of the European Landscape Convention. Posing important questions to the Forestry Panel.
“The public have a right to be concerned with what happens to their own landscape & be involved in decisions affecting it”

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Dr Oliver Rackham joins the discussion in the Future of our Woodlands


We are incredibly lucky to be able to share with you a correspondence from Dr Oliver Rackham, OBE, a leading authority on trees and woodlands.

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A Strategy for Urban Trees by Dr John Flannigan


Our deep connection to trees has been irrefutably acknowledged during the campaign to protect our Public Forest Estate. We’re honoured that Dr John Flannigan has agreed for SOW to publish his article ‘A Strategy for Urban Trees’.

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Forests for the Future by Rod Leslie


We are very lucky to share with you this paper written by Rod Leslie, former head of policy at the Forestry Commission, where he discusses the facts and creates a strong vision for our publicly owned forests

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Grass Roots Engagement Questions


DEFRA questions for Grass Roots Engagement consultation about England’s Natural Environment for the forthcoming White Paper

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