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We’ve got until 31st January 2011 to make our voices be heard. We’ve had a look through the DEFRA information on the Grass Roots Engagement Consultation.

They haven’t given us much time – SO DO THIS AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

DEFRA Natural Environment White Paper

You can read all documents relating to the White paper here:

An invitation to shape the Nature of England Guide for Facilitators

A guide for participants

In essence, the first public consultation (and survey) process has been completed and now they are releasing a White Paper that organisations and individuals can now provide feedback on within the schema process “Grass roots engagement”.  You have until 31st January 2011 to get that feedback in.

You can critique the original process that led to the White Paper or the White Paper itself. For example, if the current issue regarding ancient forests wasn’t adequately covered in that White Paper you can now raise that.

This is relevant section:

  1. Discussion document summary (PDF 100KB)

The feedback form they want you to use is very straightforward and is here:

You really just need to meet with relevant organisations – particularly ones that have contributed to White Paper in first instance – and consider the questions DEFRA is asking on that Discussion Document Summary. Then fill in the feedback form.

You could offer more than that of course – just off your own bat – if you felt the White Paper had serious flaws or that their feedback form does not account for the problems you are currently seeing.

The whole notion of ‘environment for sale’ needs to be raised.

You can email your feedback form directly to DEFRA here:

Make sure to us the subject heading: GRASS ROOTS ENGAGEMENT

Now get to it!

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