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In any political campaign, we deserve to know the character, values, and community contributions of the key opponents.  Further, we need to know that they are experts in the fields they are striving to influence.  Thus, in the fight for tree and forest preservation, we hope the key influencers have insider knowledge and key insights.

In this light…

Arbor a Mano

The Bowthorpe Oak Jim Paice
Contribution to community
  • Habitat for birds and animals
  • Shade for humans and animals
  • Food source
  • Space within the tree has housed parties and the feeding of animals!
  • Play area for children – generations have climbed and explored the Bowthorpe Oak
  • Many parts of oaks are used in medicinals
MP work is funded by the community
Cost to nation None – ‘Moral’ support from organisations like the Woodland Trust Jim’s basic salary is $64,766. Expenses total approx. $143K[1]
Notable achievements In the Guinness Book of records A broadly successful career in agriculture
Knowledge of Trees Is a tree Studied agriculture in the 1950’s
Right to advise on importance of role of trees Is a tree – admitted self-preservation! Raison d’etre is agriculture
Potential for tourism dollar Many go to see Bowthorpe Oak and donate to charity in the process erm? We don’t think so
Potential World Heritage Listing Very possible No

[1] Figures as reported:

Which of the two opponents, in your eyes, deserves to have the greater influence – and presence – in the debate about ancient forests?

Is it Jim Paice with his strong history in agricultural administration, or, the Bowthorpe Oak that has given, of itself, to multiple generations?

Leave a comment below and let us know your thoughts.

Or… if you want something more fun (and potentially more fulfilling) to do – fill in your own suggestions to the table below: (keep it clean!!)

Trait The Bowthorpe Oak Jim Paice
Contribution to Community See above
Habitat for birds and animals Yes
Shade for humans and animals Yes
Food source Yes
Venue for parties and other needs Yes
Play area Yes
Used in medicinals Yes
Cost to nation/salary None Costly
Notable achievements Yes

(Of course, you might want to add your own traits to the list. You might come up with more suggestions than we’ve presented here. Do tell us what they are. We’d love to know!)

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