sustainable land use

One Size Does Not Fit All


Pip Howard explores what is fundamentally wrong with ALL centralised policy, proposals and guidelines with regards land management (including planning, forestry, landscape issues, biodiversity etc.,) in the UK?

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Why you should worry about the changes to planning policy…


The opportunity to create a policy that would ensure positive, truly sustainable development of our landscape has been wasted by the desire to give a quick boost to the economy in uncertain times.

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Soils, Sustainability & the NPPF


Soil is the central hub for sustainability as essential to us and our economic progress as it is to the plants and animals we share our landscape with…

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The National Planning Policy Framework – what future for wildlife?


Stephen Trotter, Chief Executive of Warwickshire Wildlife Trust, writes in a personal capacity about his concerns about the NPPF and its potential to implement aspirations of the Natural Environment White Paper

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The National Trust – Planning for People


The National Trusts, Ben Cowell, explains exactly why the Trust is fighting so hard to inform the public of potential issues with the NPPF and have the draft changed..

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A Garden for Everyone? by Rod Leslie


In our crowded country we simply haven’t the space for everyone to have a garden, so why shouldn’t we have gardens for everyone? by Rod Leslie

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An Appreciation of Trees by Julia Sorrell


An artist, be they a stone waller, thatcher, writer, film director or painter, is someone who is able to either contribute to a landscape or encapsulate an element or a moment within a landscape. Artist Julia Sorrell writes exclusively for SOW…

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The Powerful Link Between Conserving Land and Preserving Human Health


Richard Louv, author of Last Child in the Woods, writes… “Evidence suggests that children & adults benefit so much from contact with nature that land conservation can now be viewed as a public health strategy..”

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Why is the Government drawing battle lines over the NPPF?


Greg Clark, the minister responsible for the draft NPPF, has drafted in George Osbourne & Eric Pickles to try & quash the campaign that exists to clarify points within the proposed new framework.

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Campaigning for Everybody’s Landscape


The United Kingdom ratified the European Landscape Convention: It appears that whilst DEFRA are fully aware of the convention, are the DCLG?

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Sustainability and the draft NPPF. Greg Clarks attack on the National Trust.


Mr Clark, the politician responsible for the Draft National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF), last week attacked the National Trust for highlighting the potential negative impacts it may have on the natural spaces closest to our towns and cities.

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The Forest Sell Off & the NPPF: We Need a Dictionary of Definitions


Without tools to aid the general populace to reach a rational decision, or an illustration that government, NGOs and other experts are talking the same language, we will forever be stuck in a mire of ‘green washed’ terminology…

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Wild Space – Hen goes to Forest School


Hen goes to Forest School and learns more than she bargained for… #NPPF #Riots

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Hen of Save Our Wood’s response to the Forestry Panel’s ‘Call for Views’


Sunday the 31st of July 2011 saw the deadline for the Forestry Panel’s ‘Call for Views’. Read Hen from SoW’s response & challenge to the Forestry Panel…

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National Planning Policy Framework – What about OUR WOODS?!


The government has published it’s draft National Planning Policy Framework. Pip Howard explains what the reality will be for our woodlands and what the word ‘sustainable’ really means…

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The Sounds of the Forests – A cry for help


A cry for help: Protect the destruction of our Urban Forest

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A Participative Landscape Contract: lessons for the Forestry Panel from Europe


Alex Lockwood explores our connection to our landscape as a whole and discusses the values of the European Landscape Convention. Posing important questions to the Forestry Panel.
“The public have a right to be concerned with what happens to their own landscape & be involved in decisions affecting it”

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The Decline of Traditional Skills and Our English Hedgerows


Both the hedgerow and those that can build, plant and maintain them are in decline. This is in spite of their being quintessential attributes in the English landscape…

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Do YOU Remember the Save Our Forests Campaign?


Was it really very long ago that we were all rallying in our local woods, starting campaigns, tweeting, facebooking and blogging ourselves to exhaustion about the Public Bodies Bill and the Public Forest Sell Off? What’s happening now?

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A Strategy for Urban Trees by Dr John Flannigan


Our deep connection to trees has been irrefutably acknowledged during the campaign to protect our Public Forest Estate. We’re honoured that Dr John Flannigan has agreed for SOW to publish his article ‘A Strategy for Urban Trees’.

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