Parliament’s New Chainsaw – Petition to fight the Infrastructure Bill

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Hands Off Our Forest and SoW have been asked by many, many people to create a petition to help fight the worrying Infrastructure bill. So here it is! Please do have a read, sign and share. Thank you!  Save Our Forests and Public Land, Amend or Scrap the Infrastructure Bill! ‘PARLIAMENT’S NEW CHAINSAW: The Infrastructure Bill poses […]

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Infrastructure Bill debate on Nov 5th – Join activists for day of action!

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  Update from HOOF – We have now heard that Clause 21 of the Infrastructure Bill (re public land transfers) will be debated and voted on in the Lords on NOVEMBER 5. We don’t have long to stop this. We are calling on everyone to lobby Lords to ask them to back the amendment […]

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Save Hopwas Woods by Alvecote Wood owner Sarah Walters


Sarah Walters owns and manages Alvecote in Tamworth with her husband Stephen. This year they won the Royal Forestry Society’s award for Best Small Woodland in England. Today Sarah popped into local Hopwas Wood to photograph the deep beauty of this precious ancient woodland under threat from quarrying.  Please sign this petition started by the Save […]

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Why Biodiversity Offsetting is a Flawed Concept


by Hen, SoW Nature not for Sale counter forum, Regents Park Hub, June 2nd 2014 The forum was well attended and each of the eight speakers had fascinating perspectives of biodiversity offsetting and it’s potential impacts on our ecological and cultural communities. I’m going to write about each of the presentations on SoW to give you an insight […]

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NGO concern as UK Government releases its consultation on biodiversity offsetting


Today, the UK Government published a long-awaited green paper on its proposed plans to implement biodiversity offsetting.

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Biodiversity Off-setting and Invertebrate Conservation


Biodiversity off-setting represents a denial of any distinctive ecological value as the underlying assumption is that one group of organisms (an ecosystem) can simply be replaced by another.

At a more specific level, there are several reasons why off-setting from the perspective of invertebrate conservation is doomed to fail.

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Save Farm Terrace Allotments!

09.01.2013 with public forests, allotments are ‘green spaces’ that are proven to work for both public well being and biodiversity. We must protect our cultural landscape heritage and protect what few allotments we have…

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Children and Nature


“letting children enjoy the landscape in their own way can be just as effective as any exciting day out. If we encourage them to love & value their landscape, then hopefully we can not only kindle a lifelong passion but help to shape how the next generation will treat these issues

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NPPF: The Treaty of Eland House


The NPPF is a return to old school politics and good old Humphrey Appleby lingo (Although the referral to the wrong UN resolution on Sustainable Development is a major embarrassment).

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The SuDS Consultation – further delay in sustainable development.


Gov’t is consulting on proposed changes to SuDS (sustainable drainage systems) legislation.

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Happy Christmas from SOW


2011 has certainly earned its place in future textbooks with regards forestry, conservation and land management in the UK.

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One Size Does Not Fit All


Pip Howard explores what is fundamentally wrong with ALL centralised policy, proposals and guidelines with regards land management (including planning, forestry, landscape issues, biodiversity etc.,) in the UK?

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Why you should worry about the changes to planning policy…


The opportunity to create a policy that would ensure positive, truly sustainable development of our landscape has been wasted by the desire to give a quick boost to the economy in uncertain times.

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Soils, Sustainability & the NPPF


Soil is the central hub for sustainability as essential to us and our economic progress as it is to the plants and animals we share our landscape with…

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The National Planning Policy Framework – what future for wildlife?


Stephen Trotter, Chief Executive of Warwickshire Wildlife Trust, writes in a personal capacity about his concerns about the NPPF and its potential to implement aspirations of the Natural Environment White Paper

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The National Trust – Planning for People


The National Trusts, Ben Cowell, explains exactly why the Trust is fighting so hard to inform the public of potential issues with the NPPF and have the draft changed..

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Will the NPPF if introduced really help the construction industry or just those on the periphery?


Retired civil engineer Dr J Flattery explores the reality of the draft NPPF to builders, contractors and landscapers…

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An Appreciation of Trees by Julia Sorrell


An artist, be they a stone waller, thatcher, writer, film director or painter, is someone who is able to either contribute to a landscape or encapsulate an element or a moment within a landscape. Artist Julia Sorrell writes exclusively for SOW…

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The Powerful Link Between Conserving Land and Preserving Human Health


Richard Louv, author of Last Child in the Woods, writes… “Evidence suggests that children & adults benefit so much from contact with nature that land conservation can now be viewed as a public health strategy..”

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Ancient coppiced Oak, a portal to another World… Deep Play


An illustration of how important it is that children have access to natural spaces; the closer to home the better…

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