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A Garden for Everyone? by Rod Leslie


In our crowded country we simply haven’t the space for everyone to have a garden, so why shouldn’t we have gardens for everyone? by Rod Leslie

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The Powerful Link Between Conserving Land and Preserving Human Health


Richard Louv, author of Last Child in the Woods, writes… “Evidence suggests that children & adults benefit so much from contact with nature that land conservation can now be viewed as a public health strategy..”

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13 Steps towards a National Planning Policy Framework


Alister Scott, Professor of Spatial Planning and Governance of Birmingham City University, is a social scientist, geographer and chartered planner with research interests centred around the changing nature of governance and partnerships. Here are his 13 steps towards a National Planning Policy Framework..

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What future for England’s public forests and woodlands?


David Sulman of the UK Forest Products Association comments on the current situation.
What does the future hold for England’s public woodlands and forests?

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Response to ‘Why Trees & Woods Matter’: Progression or Regression for UK Forest landscapes?


Soil expert & silvaculturist Pip Howard challenges the Woodland Trust supported report; ‘The Importance of Trees and Woods’ from think tank ResPublica…

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A Participative Landscape Contract: lessons for the Forestry Panel from Europe


Alex Lockwood explores our connection to our landscape as a whole and discusses the values of the European Landscape Convention. Posing important questions to the Forestry Panel.
“The public have a right to be concerned with what happens to their own landscape & be involved in decisions affecting it”

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The English landscape has been stolen


If the public forest estate is taken from us, will the next fight be against the NGOs?

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Analysis of Rod Leslies’ Forests for the Future paper


Analysis of retired Forestry Commission, head of policy, Rod Leslies’ paper – Forests of the Future.

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Case Studies


In reaction to the case studies presented within, among others, the consultation document and the Adam Smith Institutes briefing paper; ‘The Forestry Commission’s Place in Modern Britain’, Pip Howard issues a stark warning… “Both within the consultation document, now void, and subsequent published argument which is contrary to the general opinions held by those who lobbied […]

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Dr Oliver Rackham joins the discussion in the Future of our Woodlands


We are incredibly lucky to be able to share with you a correspondence from Dr Oliver Rackham, OBE, a leading authority on trees and woodlands.

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A Strategy for Urban Trees by Dr John Flannigan


Our deep connection to trees has been irrefutably acknowledged during the campaign to protect our Public Forest Estate. We’re honoured that Dr John Flannigan has agreed for SOW to publish his article ‘A Strategy for Urban Trees’.

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Forests for the Future by Rod Leslie


We are very lucky to share with you this paper written by Rod Leslie, former head of policy at the Forestry Commission, where he discusses the facts and creates a strong vision for our publicly owned forests

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The Report That They Didn’t Want You to See…


In May 2010 a working group of 14 experts in forestry, woodland and sustainable environmental management finalised their report to government on: The long-term role of the Forestry Commission Public Forest Estate in England.

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Never try to separate the people from their landscape


Now the real debate about sustainable land use can begin, but not without the people’s voice.

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Public Forest Estate Categories: A Heritage Perspective


Cultural Landscapes Professor Peter Howard casts his eye over the forest “categories” in the Consultation.

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