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In May 2010 a working group of 14 experts in forestry, woodland and sustainable environmental management finalised their report to government on: The long-term role of the Forestry Commission Public Forest Estate in England.

Due to the change of government at that May 2010 General Election, the report was not published on the website. So we’ve published it here instead:

Defra Working Group Paper

Before tomorrow’s important Westminster Hall Debate on the future of the Forestry Commission, we think everyone should read it (or as much as you can!).

The cross-sector working group, chaired by Tayo Adebowale, presented their important findings to the Forestry Commission England National Committee in the Houses of Parliament. That working group put forward “a strong case for the continued relevance of the Public Forest Estate.” (page 6).

They also put forward a case for change. But these changes were not to sell off the PFE. They were to build on “its many strengths, particularly its ability to deliver sustainable development in practice, to assist others to do so, and to help government deliver key priorities” (page 6). Importantly, they found, the Forestry Commission and the PFE should be used to help improve ALL woodland.

The working group was put together to respond to the former Labour Government’s Strategy for England’s Trees, Woods and Forests, published in 2007. In its findings, the working group drew upon the detailed 2009 consultation on the Forestry Commission that resulted in 2,239 full consultation responses from individuals and organisations.

We’ve already highlighted the fact that this public consultation is something that the Coalition Government has almost completely ignored in its plans so far.

Is this report also being ignored?

If you’re involved with tomorrow’s debate, or can write to your MP today, then please bring their attention to this report.

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Imogen Radford March 12, 2011 at 22:02

See also the evidence from the detailed survey, here:

A wealth of useful info

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