Public Forest Estate Categories: A Heritage Perspective


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We are very happy to share here an exclusive article written for us by Professor Howard, a heritage landscape expert. It is an insightful piece that, among other things, cuts through the Governments assertions that our Public Forest Estate can be split into just four categories.

“The division of the public forest lands into four categories does not flow naturally from current attitudes to landscape and heritage, nor from the current wish for greater community involvement at the local level. Rather it seems to indicate a top-down habit of mind which led to the zoning activities in cities in the 1950s. There are several fundamental objections to this mind-set, which an examination of the map of the different types does nothing to allay.

The most important, perhaps…”

Read Professor Howards’ full article here:
Public Forest Estate Categories: A Heritage Perspective

Prof Peter J Howard PhD, RD, FRGS
International Coordinator of the Landscape Research Group,
Founder-editor of the International Journal of Heritage Studies
Author of “Heritage Management Interpretation” and “The Artists ‘ Vision (History of the British Landscape)”

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