October 2012

“Ash Die-Back” : Disaster or Opportunity?


The traditional response to a disease outbreak is initially panic and then to respond with a raft of regulatory measures designed to drive the disease out of the country but…

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Efforts stepped up to tackle disease of ash trees (Chalara fraxinea, ash dieback)


Disease found in East Anglia in trees not associated with recent plantings of nursery supplied plants… consultation to stop Ash imports through legislation ends tomorrow

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Alert for serious disease of ash trees – Chalara fraxinea (Ash dieback)


Professionals in the forestry, plant nursery and tree-care sectors across the UK are on high alert for Chalara dieback of ash trees, a destructive disease only found here for the first time in 2012.

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Forest users tell the government: fund and run our forests properly!


This is what forest users in East Anglia are telling the government – we want our public forests to be run and funded properly so we can all enjoy and benefit from them. Tell them what you think, too!

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Tales from the Wild Wood – BBC FOUR


Tales from the Wild Wood is a new six-part series about British woodlands to be broadcast on BBC4 this autumn. Presented by writer and wannabe woodsman Rob Penn, the series explores the great British love affair with trees.

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The Brockhole Monkey Puzzle – How pure should garden restoration be?


Garden restoration. How far back is it reasonable to go and is the removal of mature, healthy specimen trees justified?

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FC/DEFRA Forestry Working Group – Keeping the Dialogue Going


Mark Funnell, Head of Communications for Forestry Commission GB and Tony Williamson, Leader of DEFRA’s Forestry Team introduce the government’s forestry working group & update us on where they are in their work, inviting everyone to enter into dialogue with them so we can all secure the future for our forests we want.

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Danger, Overhead Powerlines


Teresa Treacy, 65, is an inspiring woman who is willing to be imprisoned again if needs be because she believes her land and trees are worth protecting. This is a story worth telling…

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A Stark Warning for us from our Friends in Ireland: Don’t let them sell your harvesting rights!


A stark warning for us in England. While we were fighting to save our public forest estate from sell off, our friends in Ireland were doing the same. Like us, they won the fight to keep their public forests in public ownership. However, they are now faced with the harvesting rights of their public forests being sold off to the highest bidder. Our new Secretary of State, Rt. Hon. Owen Paterson has only weeks ago left his position as Secretary of State for Northern Ireland. I wonder if he picked up any tips from his neighbours in the Republic of Ireland?

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Chalara fraxinea- Securing our Shores, Protecting our Forests


Antony Croft shares his thoughts on the importation of Chalara Fraxinea (Ash dieback) to the UK and tells us how we can help.

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