Infrastructure Bill debate on Nov 5th – Join activists for day of action!

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  Update from HOOF – We have now heard that Clause 21 of the Infrastructure Bill (re public land transfers) will be debated and voted on in the Lords on NOVEMBER 5. We don’t have long to stop this. We are calling on everyone to lobby Lords to ask them to back the amendment […]

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Looking Out for the rare Dwarf Birch


What can we do to look out for the endangered, rare Dwarf Birch? by conservation biologist James Borrell

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Forestry Commission Forever


Its official. On 31st January 2013 Government confirmed what we all knew and believed: the nationally owned forests of the Forestry Commission are one of the icons of English culture.

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British Woodlands 2012, Report of Conference on December 11th


British Woodlands 2012 was organised by the Sylva Foundation, and held at the Department of Plant Sciences at the University of Oxford. The aim was to hear voices from owners of small woodlands – the people on the ground who own or manage the smaller woods that form the majority of woodland in England.

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Hope for the Threatened Ash – Lars Goran-Steiner, Forestry Research Institute of Sweden


Lars Goran-Stener is a silvicultural scientist, working with Skogforsk, the Forestry Research Institute of Sweden.

He has kindly given SoW permission to publish the results of his research into genetic strains of Ash resistant to Chalara (ash die back), we’ve translated it from the Swedish below.

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A Woodland Culture


As I step off the ride into the coppice I imagine a cowled and tonsured figure beside me. Here in Leigh Woods near Bristol we know from written records that the Monks of Leigh Abbey were managing these woods in just the same way at least 800 years ago.

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SoW Response to Independent Forestry Panel Report


“I am convinced that without a living discussion, based on facts about our forests, we will be less able to meet all contrasting goals. I am also convinced that we will never come to a final answer. This is not necessarily a problem since it is the discussion itself that is important.”

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Deep sustainability and the art and politics of forests


Cathy Fitzgerald is a rural-based experimental filmmaker/visual artist with a background in research biology, looking at experimental film & ecology in this age of biospheric crisis. Her writing and films on ‘The ecocidal eye: towards a relational gaze in cinema’ can be seen at:

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Celebrate Our Forests Day!

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One of the things the Save Our Forests campaign has highlighted is how much we love our forests and woodland. To celebrate this, Sunday the 20th March has been declared Celebrate Our Forests Day. Why not get out enjoy it?

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Dr Oliver Rackham joins the discussion in the Future of our Woodlands


We are incredibly lucky to be able to share with you a correspondence from Dr Oliver Rackham, OBE, a leading authority on trees and woodlands.

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Will a forest sale make us Europe’s poor relation?


A report on Radio 2 says the National Trust is “considering buying some of the [public forest] land”.

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5 reasons for cheering the Save Our Woods campaign and 5 to keep it going


Alex Lockwood’s considered analysis of today’s public consultation announcement and the government’s plans to sell the Public Forest Estate.

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Consultation day dawns in the woods


As the sun rises on the day of the public consultation over the forest sell-off, is our environment worth so little that we consider putting a price tag on it?

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