March 2012

NPPF: The Treaty of Eland House


The NPPF is a return to old school politics and good old Humphrey Appleby lingo (Although the referral to the wrong UN resolution on Sustainable Development is a major embarrassment).

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Deforestation in England to create heathland: is this what we want, or is there a better way?


This is the second article in a series exploring the issues of heathland restoration by deforestation. This piece by the Save Our Sandlings Forest group…

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A Life in the Canopy by Arborist, Robin Grimes


Robin Grimes is an Arborist, commonly known as a Tree Surgeon. Here Robin gives a succinct insight into his work…

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The Great BiG Earth DiG


Is A day to inspire people on a local level to create a new space for growing their own fruit and vegetables on the first day of Spring, otherwise known as Equinox Day, 20th March

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Heathland re-creation: it’s time to talk. By Friends of Thetford Forest


Alan Spidy of Friends of Thetford Forest, writes about their concerns of the clearing of woodland for heathland re-creation

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