February 2012

Using Soft Power to Protect Trees by Christopher Neilan


Chris Neilan is well known for creating the CAVAT system that works out the monetary value of urban trees explains the need to engage communities to protect tree & increase tree planting in their areas…

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Blue Planet – Environmental and Development Challenges: The imperative to act


A group of the world’s leading scientists and experts in sustainable development today called for urgent changes to policies and institutions to enable humanity to tackle environmental crises and improve human wellbeing.

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A Celebration of Save Our Woods & the Save Our Forests campaign!


A year ago today the Save our Forests campaign forced Government to halt their sham public consultation and instead set up an Independent Panel on Forestry… Hen takes a look back..

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Trees: Body language, Diagnosis, Biome-chanics- an open door to a wonderful world! by Claus Mattheck


Prof Claus Mattheck is one of the most prominent ‘tree’ men in the world today. Having revolutionised the way an Arboriculturalist looks at a tree by using traditional mathematical and engineering principles and applying them to a visual examination of a tree.

He has taught us how to read a tree.

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