October 2011

The Tree Year Project 2011


Natalie Raeber is a Swiss blogger and natural history tweeter responsible for The Tree Year Project 2011, an online blog festival encouraging any and everyone to observe a single tree and the changes to it in a year.

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Why you should worry about the changes to planning policy…


The opportunity to create a policy that would ensure positive, truly sustainable development of our landscape has been wasted by the desire to give a quick boost to the economy in uncertain times.

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Finally! DEFRA responds to Our Forests FOI submission


Our Forests finally receives a response to the FOI submission sent to DEFRA & the Forestry Commission on the 29th July 2011

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Press Release: Government fails to meet deadline to answer questions on forests disposal proposals


It is over 3 months since Our Forests sent in its submission seeking answers on the public forest disposal debacle, yet no final response has been provided, despite officials initially telling us, “we will be able to sort this out fairly quickly.”

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Soils, Sustainability & the NPPF


Soil is the central hub for sustainability as essential to us and our economic progress as it is to the plants and animals we share our landscape with…

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