May 2011

I thought I’d lost our trees…


Hen imagines our British Isles without The Oak to make it whole… Phytophthora Ramorum

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A Participative Landscape Contract: lessons for the Forestry Panel from Europe


Alex Lockwood explores our connection to our landscape as a whole and discusses the values of the European Landscape Convention. Posing important questions to the Forestry Panel.
“The public have a right to be concerned with what happens to their own landscape & be involved in decisions affecting it”

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Forestry Commission 25% Cuts – Details


*UPDATED 26/05/11* Download the FULL details here: FC-Cuts-Presentation-230511.pdf The Forestry Commission will be cutting 250 jobs and the 12 districts currently covered by the Forestry Commission will merge to form 5 or 6 districts. In simple terms… by 2015 our Public Foresters will be looking after larger areas with 23% less of a workforce.  All […]

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Panel opens its doors for views on forests and woods and announces forest visits


PRESS RELEASE FROM THE FORESTRY PANEL – The Independent Panel on Forestry is today, Thursday 19th May, inviting everyone interested in forests and woods to come forward, share their views and join in a public conversation. Following its second meeting, the Panel is also pleased to announce its initial visits: to the Forest of Dean, […]

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Is that the Forestry Panel I hear?


There are quiet murmurings that the Forestry Panel is about to engage! Finally we will see the details of public meetings and forest site visits, as well as a call for us, the public, to share our views and offer up evidence of why we believe it is best that our public forest estate remains in […]

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When will the Independent Panel hear views from residents and local businesses?


Woodlands and forests are not isolated parcels of land to be covered in cling film in perpetuity: just to satiate the (sometimes over zealous) thirst of conservationists who seem to forget that these areas have living, breathing, working communities who will be in the front line of any changes to the management of their woods […]

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The English landscape has been stolen


If the public forest estate is taken from us, will the next fight be against the NGOs?

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