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Blue Planet – Environmental and Development Challenges: The imperative to act


A group of the world’s leading scientists and experts in sustainable development today called for urgent changes to policies and institutions to enable humanity to tackle environmental crises and improve human wellbeing.

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The Octavia Hill Awards from the National Trust & Countryfile


The National Trust and Countryfile are running the Octavia Hill Awards to recognise today’s ‘unsung heroes’ of the environmental movement, who make such a difference to our lives.

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The SuDS Consultation – further delay in sustainable development.


Gov’t is consulting on proposed changes to SuDS (sustainable drainage systems) legislation.

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Happy Christmas from SOW


2011 has certainly earned its place in future textbooks with regards forestry, conservation and land management in the UK.

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Threat to the Quantock Hills


Somerset Council has advertised its proposal to sell a major part of the Quantocks AONB! URGENT ACTION REQUIRED!

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Chalkney Restored- a milestone for England’s Ancient Woodlands


Yesterday, 8th December 2011, marks a milestone for England’s Ancient Woodlands. At 11am Professor Oliver Rackham personally felled the last conifer in Chalkney Wood.

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Forestry Panel – Progress Report


The Independent Forestry Panel publishes it’s progress report…

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The Save Our Forests Campaign, an UPDATE


… our forests and woodlands are in a more precarious position than they were in at the time of the proposed sell off… We all need to be prepared…

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LOSING Forestry Commission Wales!


The Welsh Government is proposing to merge Forestry Commission Wales (FCW) with the Welsh arm of the Environment Agency (EA) and Countryside Council for Wales (CCW). This could lead to asset stripping – A WELSH FOREST SELL OFF!

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Why is the Government drawing battle lines over the NPPF?


Greg Clark, the minister responsible for the draft NPPF, has drafted in George Osbourne & Eric Pickles to try & quash the campaign that exists to clarify points within the proposed new framework.

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Sustainability and the draft NPPF. Greg Clarks attack on the National Trust.


Mr Clark, the politician responsible for the Draft National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF), last week attacked the National Trust for highlighting the potential negative impacts it may have on the natural spaces closest to our towns and cities.

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The NPPF > A Response to: ‘Advice produced by the Planning Inspectorate for use by its Inspectors’


The National Trust are gearing up to campaign against the draft National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF). We must join them and raise a voice against what could be the most damaging proposals for ALL UK landscapes since the 1930’s.

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What does the NPPF mean for small woodland owners?


Draft National Planning Policy Framework. What does it mean for small woodland owners and how you can respond to the consultation

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The public’s woods and forests – who met who, when, to talk about what…?


Our Forests has put in a Freedom of Information [1] request to find out which organisations and/or other bodies have had or are having any discussions with officials as to the possibility of their taking on the ownership and management of any of England’s public woods and forests, as part of the Government’s stalled ‘disposal’ plans for the public forest estate.

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The Woodland Trust response to the Forestry Panels ‘Call for Views’


The Woodland Trusts response to the Forestry Panels Call for Views. Published exclusively on SoW.

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National Planning Policy Framework – What about OUR WOODS?!


The government has published it’s draft National Planning Policy Framework. Pip Howard explains what the reality will be for our woodlands and what the word ‘sustainable’ really means…

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Carry on Kielder! The Forestry Panel visits Kielder on Monday


The Forestry Panel visits Kielder Forest on Monday 25th July. Owen Adams Tells us about Carry on Kielder 30p Campaign to keep Kielder forest publicly owned!

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The Sounds of the Forests – A cry for help


A cry for help: Protect the destruction of our Urban Forest

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Our Forests meets in London – 12th July 2011


Our Forests meeting 12th July 2011. The gloves are off!

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The Ramblers response to the Forestry Panels ‘Call for Views’


The Ramblers response to the Forestry Panels Call for Views. Published exclusively on SoW.

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