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So, here we are, updating our position statement, just under two months since we created this website and joined the hundreds of thousands of people that are part of the Save Our Forests campaign!

The removal of the forestry clauses in the Public Bodies Bill was an astonishing success. However we are one of the many groups that see the u-turn as more of a side step.  We are still working tirelessly on this campaign to ensure that our forests are protected, enhanced and remain in public ownership.

The research we have done to enable us to write the articles on this website and input from our expert contributors, has informed our position set out in the briefing below. You can explore the information further by browsing the articles in the Latest Updates section.

“We see the Forestry Commission as the caretakers of our Public Forest Estate.

To debate the Forestry Commission you must therefore accept you are debating the future of our PFE.

It is important to us that the Forestry Commission is allowed to continue its vital work and alsomake full use of this opportunity to implement the following recommendations, as made by theDEFRA Working Group (following public consultation on the long-term role of the ForestryCommission Public Forest Estate in England) & other contributors to Save Our Woods: …”

View the:  Save Our Woods – Position Statement





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michael davig February 10, 2011 at 11:15

I think all the woods and forests should be saved becuse i like wildlife and all things to do with nature.And if people destroy them there will be nothing left in this world to enjoy anymore.

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