June 2012

Deep sustainability and the art and politics of forests


Cathy Fitzgerald is a rural-based experimental filmmaker/visual artist with a background in research biology, looking at experimental film & ecology in this age of biospheric crisis. Her writing and films on ‘The ecocidal eye: towards a relational gaze in cinema’ can be seen at: www.ecoartflm.com

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Public ready to rise up again if Government fails them over public woods & forests


In a survey carried out by Our Forests with 38 Degrees [1], just under 90% of those responding [2] said they would campaign against the Government [3] if their concerns about and hopes for England’s public woods and forests are not met [4].

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Friends of Thetford Forest ready to fight further threats to our Public Forest Estate


Forestry Panel report to be published on 4th July. Friends of Thetford Forest are ready to oppose any further threats to our forests, with the support of its members and the wider community..

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Stakeholder or Shareholder; the great ‘greenwash’ party that is Rio+20


“..we are all in this respect indigenous people fighting to protect our cultural heritage. We all have a right to our landscapes”.

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Soils & Biodiversity by Dr James Merryweather


“Each shovel of soil holds more living things than all the human beings ever born.” Dr J Merryweather uncovers and explores the soil beneath ancient woodland…

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Tell me that I’m not alone? by Jonathan Hazell


Jonathan Hazell is one of the foremost Arboriculturists in the UK and a public face for the industry (You may well recognise him from the Television, recently appearing on the BBC’s One show to talk about Dutch Elm Disease). He is a trustee of the Arboricultural Association.

Here he asks: ‘Tell me that I’m alone in becoming frustrated by bad practice in our everyday environment?’

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Unsolicited Tree Work – The Threat to Trees in the UK


Lara Hurley writes… Fire Blight? Oak Processionary Moth? Dutch Elm Disease? No. It’s rogue traders, who probably pose the widest threat to non woodland trees and the quality of our urban environment today.

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Friends of Thetford Forest responds to RSPBs’ heathland restoration article


Alan Spidy, on behalf od Friends of Thetford Forest, responds to the RSPB’s article on heathland restoration..

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